Computer Users
Multimedia-based Mentored Learning is an effective method that meets critical demands of computer users. Experience instructor-led courses in a comfortable and convenient environment. You get the feel of the classroom delivered through flexible and familiar technology. Like training one-on-one with an expert with full motion video allows you to see the steps, listen to the explanations, and perform the hands-on lab exercises. Our virtual classroom instruction provides one of the most flexible and comfortable training experiences. The users are able to work at their own pace, in their choice of area - including training room or home. Our training is media-rich, interactive and engaging. We incorporate live video instructions, screen shots, PowerPoint presentations, white board, and lab simulations to give our students an engaging learning experience. Our teaching methodology capitalizes on the skills and knowledge of industry experts, providing real-world insight from recognized and Certified IT professionals. It's like having an expert on demand, patiently explaining until you thoroughly understand all the concepts.